Making your business a safer place

Strengthened by your trust, our mission is to protect you, at 360 °: from physical to IT security, with an approach that always starts with people.


The virtual presence of a company is just as important today. We protect it through the design, implementation and constant monitoring of networks, systems and applications. Thanks to our Provisioning, Monitoring, Management, Troubleshooting and Reporting services, which follow national and international directives for cyber security and the protection of data and critical infrastructures.


We are aware that for every action, the human factor is always the indispensable one. The Aboutrust Academy offers security training on site, remotely or through multimedia e-learning platforms. We guide our customers towards compliance with the fundamental regulatory compliance to guarantee the security of any business and in the understanding and adoption of policies and procedures that concern all areas of ICT management and all company functions.


Any reachable place can be a vulnerable target. For this we take care first of all of the physical protection of “sites”, intended as places, of campuses, offices and companies, thanks to our skills in the field of video surveillance, behavioral analysis, territorial monitoring, access control and smart building, supporting you with a active monitoring service to protect your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.